2008 AGM Meeting Minutes


International 2.4mR Class Association

Annual General Meeting 2008 – Minutes

October 18th 2008 10.00 hrs

Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Participants Representing

Danny McCoy President

Rikard Bjurstrom Finland, Executive Committee

Stellan Berlin Executive Committee

Bo Hedensjö Treasurer

Harald Rolfsnes Norway

Elena Polo D’Ambrosio Italy

Pekka Seitola Sweden

Martin Whittingham-Jones England

Mark LeBlanc USA

Voting Rights

England 3

Finland 3

Italy 3

The Netherlands 1 by proxy D. McCoy

Norway 2

Sweden 4


Total 18 out of a possible 24


1. Roll Call and Establish a Quorum

2. Setting time limit on speakers and debate.

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes


4. Report of the President.

5. Report of the ICA Treasurer.

6. Report of the Chairman of the Technical Committee.

7. Old Business.

1) Expense Details Danny McCoy

8. New Business.

1) Vote on the new One Design Rule – including discussion of any specific parts of the rule

2) Amendments from Swedish NCA to the Class Rules

3) UK submission

4) Continuation of the one-design committee (Hakan, Stellan, Rikard, Peter N, and Peter W) to implement the rule and license process.

9. Presentations for future World Championships by NCAs.

1) 2009 Fort Myers – finalize dates

2) Italy WC 2010

3) Norway WC2011

4) North American Championships Toronto 2009

10. Election of the following:

1) Vice President

2) Treasurer

3) Secretary

4) Members of the Executive Committee-2 Ordinary Directors

5) Members of the Technical Committee

6) Officers of Honor

7) An Auditor

8) A Webmaster

11. Decisions for the next year’s work and commissions for the Executive Committee.

12. Decisions for the budget and subscriptions for the next year.

1) Main Budget for the ICA

2) One Design Committee Budget for Implementation

13. Adjournment.

AGM Minutes

a) Roll call and establishing a quorum

A quorum was established. All members were in agreement.

b) Setting time limit on speakers and debate

Danny McCoy set the time limit for speakers and debate at three (3) minutes per person.

c) Approval of Meeting Minutes

Danny McCoy stated that the 2007 AGM minutes should not be read as they have been available on the website for some time. Pekka Seitola made a motion to accept the meeting minutes, 2nd by Elena Polo D’Ambrosio.

Motion passed unanimously.

At this time the UK wished to be acknowledged that they did not receive the notices for the AGM in the manner and time required by the constitution. Danny admitted that he was bringing that subject up in his address. There were no objections.

d) Report from the President

Danny McCoy welcomed the participants to the AGM and hoped this would be the start of an extraordinary week of sailing and friendship. Points discussed and commented on:

1. The absence of a secretary for the year ultimately resulted in the untimely distribution of documents not only for the AGM but also to and from ISAF. Many of the documents that came from ISAF went to our former secretary and were not forwarded to the EC. When documents did go out to the NCAs they were in a format in which a couple of countries couldn’t read making the problem even more difficult. On the other hand, the original call to action for the NCAs to send in their information regarding who was going to be their representative at the meeting, any amendments to be put forward, candidates for elections, etc only Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands answered in the prescribed time according to the constitution.

2. He further stated that he had been travelling a lot but as president he was fully responsible and therefore made his apologies.

3. The year itself was fairly uneventful in the normal course of business but of course the main topic of discussion was the ODR.

4. Danny congratulated the ORDC (Hakan Kellner, Peter Wilson, Stellan Berlin, Peter Norlin and Rikard Bjurstrom) for the tremendous effort they put into this very difficult project. He also said he believed that the success of having an OD division would help in moving the boat forward into many new markets.

5. The next year will be the start of a new and exciting beginning. It will take all of us to make sure that the changes in our class go smoothly and seamlessly as we move our class to become the # 1 single person class in the world, inclusion of everyone.

Fair sailing this week and let’s enjoy ourselves

e) Report from the Treasurer

Bo Hedensjö gave his report on the financial status of the class. The final statement for the 2007 year was given plus the year to date statement for 2008.

The class financial year ends December 31st.

Thierry Schmitter, our class auditor said, through an email to Danny McCoy that he had reviewed the statements and gave his approval of the statements. There was some discussion on the Charger Composites expense, it was explained that the money was an arrangement for Charger to send a boat to Hyeres, FRA for the IFDS Evaluation Committee to compare and evaluate with other boats for the next 2012, 2016 Paralympics. This had been approved by the EC.

Danny also mentioned that the 2008 membership doesn’t reflect dues that were collected in Rochester, NY during the IFDS Worlds for sailors who were going to compete in China. These include 2 China, 1 Argentina, 1 Greece, 2 Singapore, 1 Spain and 1 Russia. Danny had been in touch with Bo regarding these fees and it was agreed that the amount was small and we would deal with it when we met next or when Danny’s expenses were submitted. The amount in question was US $160.

Elena D’Ambrosio made a motion to accept the report, 2nd by Harald Rolfsnes,

Motion vote was carried unanimously.

At this time the budget for 2009 was submitted and discussed as a result of ongoing discussions of the financial report.

Danny explained the changes in the actual accounting that was sent out, stating that the amount of plaques purchased should reflect real potential of boats made. Monies set aside for IM Conference and ISAF Conference hadn’t been spent. For 2009 the monies for these items have been reinstated for costs assuming implementation of the ODR.

Danny made a motion to accept the budget for 2009, 2nd Pekka Seitola

Motion vote was carried unanimously

f) Technical Committee Report

The amendments from 2007 had been sent to ISAF. New amendments have been submitted by the Swedish NCA and would be discussed later.

g) Old Business

Danny presented his expense report which reflects World Venue visit for 2007 and also a special visit which was requested by the RCNGC for their 100 yr. anniversary in Mar 2008.

It was discussed among the group that the expenses could be approved by the EC and not needed to be attached to the AGM for approval. The EC is there for this administration purpose.

Rikard Bjurstrom moved that Danny’s expenses be approved, 2nd by Stellan Berlin

Motion vote was carried unanimously.

h) New Business

There was much discussion on the ODR mostly referring to language and presentation and the agenda was put aside as we discussed points as they arose with motions made as we moved from point to point.

Firstly, it was noted to clarify, the OD rule has not been developed to replace the current open class rule, nor is there any plan by the EC or WC to make this happen. It has been developed to live alongside the open rule.

Martin Whittingham-Jones suggested we should remove the term class in favor of division for the One Design boats within our association. This was agreed to be changed by the ORDC (Rikard, Stellan), all gave an approval, no motion required.

Harald Rolfsnes stated: In appendix J the drawings should show that the OD boat measures 2.4 with a margin to the waterline displacement. All boats need to measure 2.4 whether OD or construction. The ORDC (Rikard, Stellan) said they would go back and have this reflected in the rule before sending to ISAF.

Mark LeBlanc presented: US NCA felt that it was necessary to have a weight limit on the ballast for present class members to certify under the ODR rule after much discussion, Marc LeBlanc made a motion to have the maximum lead at 181kg for ballast, 2nd by Rikard Bjurstrom.

Motion vote was carried NOR voted against

Mark LeBlanc presented: The US NCA suggested that there needs to be defined process where new builders are interviewed, assets defined, etc. The discussion was short as everybody acknowledged the importance of this. Marc LeBlanc made a motion to say the procurement and selection is defined and presented to the WC for approval, 2nd by Pekka Seitola

Motion vote was carried ITA voted against

After the previous points had been discussed and agreed to by all present, Pekka Seitola moved that the ODR, with the wording changes and amendments that had just been defined by the UK, USA, NOR be accepted, 2nd by Rikard Bjurstrom

Note: the UK proposition--- in acknowledgement of the assurances and changes made and approved In the OD proposal, the UK agreed to withdraw its proposal

Motion vote was carried unanimously

Danny McCoy moved that the One Design Committee continue together to facilitate the ongoing talks with ISAF and the IFDS. Also to develop the forms and license procedures needed to implement the change, Mark LeBlanc 2nd

Motion vote was carried unanimously

Finally the Class Rule amendments put forward by the Swedish NCA for 2009

The following amendments of the 2.4mR Class Rule are proposed to be valid from 1st of January 2009.

1. Battens in the 110% Jib

2 Battens of length 200 mm in the 110% Jib placed not less than 700 mm from the clew or the top. Consequently amendment is proposed of the corresponding wordings in the OD Rule Draft.

2. Weight of the lead pigs

Ballast lead pigs must not weigh more than 30 kg each. Consequently amendment is proposed of the corresponding wordings in the OD Rule Draft.

3. Location of the 35 kg extra weight

Location of the 35 kg extra weight when measuring flotation on the marks shall be ± 200 mm from the 0,55 station instead of ± 100 mm.

4. Seat excluded from the boat weight

Seat shall be excluded from the boat weight as formulated in the proposed OD Rule.

5. The hull excluding fittings

The hull excluding fittings (“off the shelf products”) shall be built from wood and/or Glass Reinforced Plastic. Aluminium or stainless steel reinforcements are permitted where needed. Parts of the hull excluding hull shell and keel may also be made from aluminum or stainless steel.

This is to make things more clear – because there are actually some reinforcements in the hull made of aluminum.

With some discussion on a few points Danny McCoy moved that the Swedish proposed amendments be accepted with the change in #4, 2nd by Martin Whittingham-Jones

Motion vote was carried unanimously

i) Presentations for future World Championships

1. The final dates for the Worlds in Fort Meyers are October 31st to November 6th 2009. Steve Olive will be here on Wednesday to tell us about the area and to answer any questions.

2. Elena D’Ambrosio said that the 2010 Italian bid is having trouble because the Yacht Club that would host is doing an upgrade on their docks and may not be ready in time. At

this time Norway spoke up and suggested that he go back to his club and see if they would hold the worlds in 2010.

3. It was decided that Italy and Norway switch years and get back to the EC with an answer. Harald Rolfsnes and Elena D’Ambrosio both agreed. It was also decided that the EC would send out a message to the NCAs to see if any other clubs would be interested.

4. Danny presented for Toronto to hold a North American Championship in 2009. After little discussion a motion by Rikard Bjurstrom to accept, 2nd by Harald Rolfsnes

Motion vote was carried unanimously

j) Elections

1. Vice President Peter Wilson nominated and accepted

2. Treasurer Bo Hedensjö nominated and accepted

3. Secretary Anna-Lisa Touminnen nominated and accepted

4. Members of the Executive Committee, 2 ordinary members Rikard Bjurstrom and Stellan Berlin nominated and accepted

5. Members of the Technical Committee Harald Rolfsnes nominated and accepted

6. Officers of Honor Hakan Kellner proposed, WC accepted unanimously

7. Auditor Thierry Schmitter nominated and accepted

8. Webmaster Antero Karjalainen nominated and accepted

A motion presented by Danny McCoy to accept elections and appointments as they stand, 2nd Martin Whittingham-Jones.

Motion vote was carried unanimously

k) Decisions for next year’s work and commissions for the EC

After some discussion Rikard Bjurstrom made a motion that someone from the ODRC should attend the ISAF and IFDS meetings in Madrid, Danny McCoy 2nd the motion.

Motion vote was carried unanimously

l) Decisions for the budget and subscriptions for next year

1. Main Budget for ICA was already discussed and accepted in the treasurer’s report.

2. One Design Committee Budget was already discussed in the treasurer’s report.

m) Adjournment

Danny McCoy put forward a motion to adjourn, 2nd Elena D’Ambrosio

Motion vote was carried unanimously