2009 AGM Minutes

Written By Pekka Seitola


President Danny McCoy called the meeting to order at 11:10 AM.

Attendance: EC members Danny McCoy, Peter Wilson, and Rikard Bjurstrom who also represented FIN,

as well as Peter Norlin (Officer of Honor) and Gene Hinkel (Technical Committee). NCA representatives

were: Roger Cleworth (USA), Megan Pascoe (UK), Thiery Schmitter (NED), Pekka Seitola SWE, Bjornor

Erikstad NOR, Detlef Muller‐Boeling GER, Bruce Millar CAN

A. Quorum: The roll call confirmed representation at 19 of the 26 possible NCA votes, so a quorum

was established. As the agenda was limited, there was no time limit set for speakers or debate.

B. The WC agreed to proceed with the meeting and accept the proposals and nominations despite

the fact that the timing for the pre‐meeting submission process was not in keeping with the


C. Prior meeting minutes: The World Council approved the minutes from the 2008 AGM with no


D. President’s Report: Danny McCoy’s report of the President had been sent out prior to the

meeting, and there were no significant additions or questions.

E. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bo Hedensjo summarized the report which had been sent out

prior to the meeting and answered a few questions. The report was approved and the auditor

confirmed its accuracy.

F. Technical Committee Report: The TC report was accepted with some discussion and

disappointment about the slow response of ISAF to some small class rule change proposals.

G. Old Business

1. One Design Division Rule: Peter Wilson summarized the ODRC report regarding progress on

moving the one‐design division rule forward through ISAF. After a good discussion, the

Canadian proposal to amend Section K was withdrawn and the World Council agreed to the

following next steps:

a. Continue on the path to await ISAF direction, and then prepare both building

specifications and the OD Division rule according to ISAF preferences.

b. Submit the final ODRC recommended rule to the World Council for final comments and

approval before submission to ISAF.

c. Recommend to IFDS that to help transition towards one design for their events, that

they modify Section K in the Notice of Race with full permission from the Class to do so.

Peter Wilson will send the proposed Section K amendments to Linda Merkel with a copy

to Gene Hinkel and encourage IFDS to begin this transition with the Miami OCR regatta


H. New Business

1. Two UK Submissions were discussed and approved with minor changes:

a. All committees must keep minutes of their meetings and discussions, and shall be

responsible for sending these to the NCA’s within two weeks of any such event. (Post

meeting note: these should also be sent to the EC.)

b. At all World and Continental Championships all boats shall race together allowing a

single champion or overall winner to emerge.

2. Lay Day at World Championships: After discussion, it was agreed that there shall not be a lay

day at the World Championships.

3. Class Policy: Bruce Miller proposed that the Class develop a policy manual that covers how the

Class would like its constitution, dues payment, class membership requirements for racing, race

management guidelines, and class rules measurement (and other fundamental activities) to be

implemented. For example,

a. It is clear that boats will have an all up weight difference of between 2 and 4 kilos

between dry weight and weight after sailing for a few days. We need a policy as to how

measurers should allow for this.

b. It is not clear from the Class Constitution exactly what the basis is for NCA’s paying their

annual ICA dues…last year’s membership count, membership count at the time the ICA

dues are to be remitted, or payment throughout the year as the membership grows.

c. Unless directed by an NCA, only the World and Continental Championships actually

require NCA or ICA membership for a sailor to be eligible to sail. As a result, Yacht Clubs

holding ‘sanctioned’ events often do not check for class membership.

Bruce agreed to develop a 2.4mR Class Policy Manual with help/input from the NCA’s and EC.

Some of the policies may require Class Rule or Constitutional changes for implementation, and if

so that will be recommended. This manual would require WC approval before dissemination.

4. Financial Management: There were several ideas discussed to both facilitate NCA dues

payment and bank account management, and Bo, Thiery, and Roger will follow up.

I. Presentations for future World Championships:

1. The proposal by Norway to hold the 2011 World Championships in Alesund from July 23

through July 29, 2011 was approved.

2. There was discussion regarding the need for NCAs and the EC to be proactive in working

towards 2012 and 2013 World Championships and several very preliminary general ideas

were discussed.

J. Elections: The World Council elected the following persons for positions as indicated below:

President Karl Wessberg

Secretary Pekka Seitola

Treasurer Bo Hedensjo

Ordinary Directors Rikard Bjurstrom and Bruce Miller

Officer of Honor Danny McCoy

Auditor Thiery Schmitter

Webmaster Roger Cleworth

Note that there is no change in the composition of the Technical Committee and Peter Wilson

remains as Vice President.

K. Decisions for the budget and subscriptions for next year.

1. The budget submitted was accepted.

2. The new Class President and EC will develop the plan for work to be done, which of course will

include continuation of the ODRC work, the new Policy Manual (described above) and any

proscribed changes for the constitution or class rules, and the proactive search for WC hosts for

2012 and 2013.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 PM.