2010 AGM Minutes


a)  Roll Call and Establish a Quorum

Nation By Votes
Finland Rikard Bjurström  3
Sweden Bertil Grandinsson  3
United Kingdom Steve Bullmore  2
Germany Heiko Kroeger  3
Norway Harald Rolfnes  2
Spain Rafael Andarias  1
Canada Bruce Millar  2
USA John Ruf  3
Nethrelands Jan Haan  2
Chairman Technical Commitee Håkan Kellner  -
President Karl Wessberg  -
Secretary Pekka Seitola  -
Officer of Honor Peter Norlin  -
Officer of Honor Danny McCoy  -
  Total  21


a quorum was established.


b) Setting time limit on speakers and debate

 No Time limit was set for speakers or debate.


c) Approval of Meeting Minutes from AGM 2010

 Minutes approved comments from Canada some aspects from general meeting not covered in the minutes.  Decision: Approved


d) Report of the President.

 Report attached.

 Comment: UK is not supporting OD.   Steve Bullmore UK wanted to discuss OD UK accepts strengthen app. K.


e) Report of the ICA Treasurer.

Attached to these minutes


Approved by Auditor Thierry Schmitter Bruce Millar motioned for approval

Secconded by John Ruf. Motion taken.


f) Report of the Chairman of the Technical Committee.

 Håkan Kellner presented the work done by TC, most of the time spent was with amendments to

 Section K (OD).


g) New Business

1)   Proposal regarding ICA fees from our President Karl Wessberg

“Amendment of our “Race Management Manual” so that there is a part where the organization committee is responsible of verifying that ICA membership fees are payed for by the sailors NCA. If there is no NCA for the sailors area then collect the fee from the sailor at registration and forward collected fees to ICA treasurer.”

Bruce Millar motioned for approval and was seconded by Rikard Bjurström, motion taken.


2)   Proposal from FIN,NOR and SWE regarding Plaque fee

 “The 2.4mR Associations of Finland, Norway and Sweden propose that the plaque fee to ICA

for new boats for the years to come should be reduced with 50 % from 100 € to 50 €.”

 Bertil Grandinsson motioned for approval seconded by Harald Rofsnäs. Motion was defeated.


 3)   2 proposals from UK, regarding jib measurement and number of delegates from each member NCA

 1. That both main and jib will be allowed to be measured with batterns in place to allow for non removable batterns.

 Motioned by Steve Bullmore seconded by Rikard Bjurström

 Motion taken.

 Comment TC proposed the same thing and specified an amendment to class rule insertion of a new paragraph at



 The ERS Part III – Rules governing equipment control and inspection shall apply with the following amendment of H.5.1 Condition of sail: Batterns may be left in the sail unless the measurer requires otherwise making it possible for him to measure the sail.

 2. That the constitution be amended to provide for two people from any NCA to attend the class AGM. These people being the Chairman and Secretary of the NCA or their chosen deputies. One of the two delegates will be the speaker for that NCA and vote on any motions.

 Motioned by Steve Bullmore seconded by John Ruf. Motion was defeted

4)   3 proposals from Canada, regarding Section K, Assistance at venues and Class rule modification

 The Class Rules are changed as follows:

 1)  K3.1 - WEIGHT

a)  The weight in C5.1 shall be minimum 253kg and maximum 254kg and may exclude the weight of the seat.

b)  The horizontal distance from 0.55 x LWL to the centre of gravity of the boat when its water line (baseline) is horizontal shall be 1343mm + 27mm.

2)  K3.2  - BALLAST

a)  The ballast shall be internal in the boat and removable from the inside of the boat. It shall be divided in lead pigs consisting of minimum 8 pieces and maximum 16 pieces. The maximum weight of one pig is 30kg.

b)  Ballast pigs shall have their primary dimension in horizontal direction.

c)  The maximum weight of the ballast while racing, including any equipment placed below the floor, but excluding one electrical pump weighing not more than 0.400kg, one manual bilge pump made of plastic, and adherent hoses and cables, is 181kg.

d)  All equipment made from metal denser than aluminium alloy, not used for construction purposes, shall be regarded as ballast except a battery when it is placed above the floor.


a)  Corrector weights of lead (including batteries containing lead and weighing less than

2.7kg) shall be securely fixed according to (b) when the boat weight is less than the minimum requirement.

b)  Corrector weights shall be placed in the cockpit area above the floor and be located such that the centre of gravity of the boat is within the limits according to K3.1 (b) above.

4)  K5.3  - KEEL TIP WEIGHT (does not apply)

5)  K6.1  - RUDDER

Boats sailed by IFDS classified sailors in IFDS qualification events and the Paralympics shall have the deep standard rudder.  Dimensions of the rudder shall comply with templates given in the 2.4mR One-Design Building Specifications.


Bruce Millar motioned the above with modification that EC will hold this class rule amendment until after ISAF CRSC meeting regarding section K modification sent in earlier this year. and was seconded by Rikard Bjurström.

Motion taken.

Håkan Kellner will review above changes and make changes to ensure that the modifications refer to and are inline with current class rules.


Canada Proposes:

That the World Council officially sanctions assistance from individuals not on the Class executive to ensure that International class sanctioned events are investigated and offered advice to ensure that events and outside services (such as the hotels) are aware of and can meet the needs of all the sailors including those with disabilities. This position would provide a report back to the EC for further consideration.

Furthermore Canada Proposes:

That Danny McCoy (Canada) is nominated to this position and fulfills the duties for the 2011 and 2012

World Championships

Karl Wessberg, President of ICA explained that according to our constitution EC already have the possibility to request assistants from outside, why part 1 of this motion is needles.

 Canada motioned that Danny McCoy would be a resource for EC regarding WC 2011 and 2012 this was seconded by John Ruf.

 Motion Taken

 Resolution 3 (Canada)

Class Rules 2010 modification - Membership

Add section:

C.2.1                        (c) A sailor who is racing in an event governed by these class rules shall be a member of the International 2.4mR Class Association.

 Motioned by Bruce Millar seconded by Steve Bullmore – motion taken.


 5)   Class rule amendment regarding floating certificate from Technical committee

 Motion from Harald Rofsnäs (written by TC) , in short, that floating certificate is not valid more than

5 years. Seconded by Bruce Millar. Motion defeated.

Motion from Rikard Bjurström that there would be no time limit on floating certificate, seconded by

John Ruf.

 Motion taken, comment this means no amendments to class rule.

 h) Presentations and decisions for future World Championships by NCAs and Continental.

 Application from Canada to host Continental Championships 2011. This was approved by the meeting.

 Application from Canada to host WC 2014

 Meeting was positive, but needed a complete application to make an decision.


Sweden presented two places to Host WC 2012, Lysekil in June and Karlshamn in August. Meeting ask for application and preferred that the event took place in August.


i) Election of the following:

 1)    Vice President

Nominated Bruce Millar, no other nominations – Bruce Millar was elected.

 2)    Treasurer

Nominated Bo Hedensjö, no other nominations – Bo Hedesjö was elected.

 3)    Secretary

Nominated Pekka Seitola, no other nominations – Pekka Seitola was elected.

 4)    Members of the Executive Committee-2 Ordinary Directors

Nominated Rikard Bjurström and Stellan Berlin - no other nominations, Rikard and Stellan was elected.

 5)    Chairperson  of the Technical Committee

Nominated Håkan Kellner - no other nominations – Håkan Kellner was elected.

 6)    Officers of Honor

 No Nominations

 7)    An Auditor

 Meeting nominated Danny McCoy - no other nominations, Danny McCoy was elected ?????????

 8)   A Webmaster

 Nominated Roger Cleworth - no other nominations – Roger Cleworth was elected.


j) Decisions for the next year’s work and commissions for the Executive Committee.

 No decisions but an discussion that mainly was about how to best promote the class things like “We need an write” – to get media to write articles about the class, marketing is needed. Concluded that EC have to work on promotion for the class.

 k) Decisions for the budget and subscriptions for the next year.

 1)    Main Budget for the ICA

Depending on the board – there is no costly activities planned.

 l) Adjournment.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:35.