2011 AGM Meeting Minutes


  1. a) Roll Call and Establish a Quorum
Nation By Votes
Finland Rikard Bjurström  3
Sweden Bertil Grandinsson  3
United Kingdom Steve Bullmore  3
Norway Harald Rolfnes  2
CZE Daniel Bina  No voting
Canada Paul Tingley  2
USA John Ruf  No voting
Netherlands Jan Haan  2
Chairman Technical Commitee Håkan Kellner  -
President Karl Wessberg  -
Secretary Pekka Seitola  -
Treasurer Bo Hedensjö  -
Officer of Honor Peter Norlin  -
Technical Commitee Gene Hinkle  -
  Total  15


a quorumwas established.


b) Setting time limit on speakers and debate 


No Time limit was set for speakers or debate.


c) Approval of Meeting Minutes from AGM 2010
Decision: Approved


d) Report of the President.
Report attached.

Decided that US and CZE have no voting rights during this meeting because of lack of payment for the current year.


e) Report of the ICA Treasurer.
Attached to these minutes, also information of 2011 was given by Bo Hedensjö

Discussion about how to collect fees from countries – in cooperation with IFDS.

Letter to IFDS regarding CA – membership.

Approved by Auditor Danny McCoy.

Steve Bullmore motioned for approval

Seconded by Rickard Bjurström.

Motion taken.

f) Report of the Chairman of the Technical Committee. 

Håkan Kellner presented the work done by TC, most of the time spent was with amendments to

Rule amendments from TC see attached ISAF’s opinion is that our rule is not strict enough.

g)  New Business 

  1. 1) Proposal from Sweden that the OD concept shall be governed by 2.4mR ICA (one common administration) with following consequences to constitution

Motioned by Rickard Bjurstromseconded byBertil Grandison

Motion taken also other OD attempts with 2.4mR designs will be treated equally

  1. 2) Emergency change of Class rule from TC

Rule amendments from TC see attached ISAF’s opinion is that our rule is not strict enough.

Rickard Bjurströmmotioned to accept



(a) Mast

(b) Boom

(c) Standing rigging

(d) Running rigging


(a) Whisker pole

(b) Peter boom


Other spars than those listed in F.1.1 and F.1.2.





(a) Mainsail

(b) Headsail


Other sails than those listed in G.1.1.

And not to accept



(a) Keel

(b) Rudder

(c) Ballast


Other hull appendages than those listed in E.1.1.


Bertil  seconded

motion taken.


  1. 3) Norwegian proposal

Motioned by HaraldRolfsnas seconded by Steve Bullmore

Motion defeated

  1. 4) Norwegian proposal regarding TC work

Motioned by HaraldRolfsnäs seconded by Paul tingley

Motion taken



h) Presentations and decisions for future World Championships by NCAs and Continental.

Application to host WC 2012 from Finland and Italy .

Italy’s application was accepted when Italy agreed to change the event to late september.

Presentation of WC site in Falmouth 2013 by Steve Bullmore event planed to be held 3rd week of August 2013.

Toronto, Canada has applied for WC 2014 and will return with an updated application to the      next AGM.


Agreed to send a letter toRoyal Cornwall Yacht Club telling them that 2.4mR ICA is very positive to Falmouth as host for WC 2013..

Finland announced that they are interested in hosting  WC 2015.

i)  Election of the following:

  1. 1) President

Nominated PålKrågset – PålKrågset was elected

  1. 2) Treasurer

Nominated Bo Hedensjö, no other nominations – Bo Hedesjö was elected.

  1. 3) Secretary

Nominated Steve Bullmore Steve was elected.

  1. 4) Members of the Executive Committee-2 Ordinary Directors

Nominated Martin Wittingham-Jones Steve Bullmore ,RikardBjurström and Stellan Berlin - no other nominations, Rikard and Stellan was elected.

  1. 5) Chairperson  of the Technical Committee

Nominated Håkan Kellner - no other nominations – Håkan Kellner was elected.

members to TC Nominated Ole Eide, HaraldRolfsnas, Karl Wessberg, Gene Hinkel, Hasse Malmsten.

Gene Hinkel, HaraldRolfsnas and Ole Eide were elected.

  1. 6) Officers of Honor

No Nominations

  1. 7) An Auditor

Meeting nominated ReidarSårheim– elected.


j) Decisions for the next year’s work and commissions for the Executive Committee.

EC should continue to work with OD.

k) Decisions for the budget and subscriptions for the next year.

  1. 1) Main Budget for the ICA
    Depending on the board – there is no costly activities planned.

Some travelcost not yet specificed regarding dealing with ISAF and WC in  2012.

l) Adjournment.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:17.


Approved minutes : Kalle Wessberg