Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting

held on the 9th September 2013 at The Poole Yacht Club. 5pm.


These minutes refer to the following attached documents:

Presidents Report

Treasurers Report

Auditors report

Proposed International 2.4mR Class Association Constitution

2.4 Norlin One Design Class Regulations

Report of the Chairman of the Technical Committee

Listing of Nominations to positions in the class



1.                  Roll Call and Establish a quorum.

A quorum was established with the following  voting members in attendance:

Pauli Immonen – Finland                                                                                         3 votes

Pekka Seitola – Sweden                                                                                                           3 votes

Martin Whittingham Jones – UK                                                                                                  3 votes

Harald Rolfnes – Norway (and TC member)                                                                3 votes

Bruce Millar – Canada ( vice president)                                                     2 votes

Richard Scarr – Australia                                                                                                          2 votes

Gregory Boyer-Gibaud  - France                                                        2 votes

Lasse Klotzing – Germany                                                                 3 votes

Nico Foekema – Netherlands                                                              2 votes

Daniel Evans – USA                                                                           2 votes

                         25 votes

Contained within these country representatives Europe, Australasia and America continents appear in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution 8.4 to allow the meeting to continue.


Also present according to Constitution 8.1, non voting : 

Pål Kragset  - president

Steve Bullmore – secretary

Stellan Berlin – EC director and Head of the TC

Daniel Bina – Czech Republic

Bo Hedensjo – Treasurer

Keith Gordon – UK – member of the TC

Rikard Bjurstrom – Finland – EC director

Henry Thorpe – ISAF – by invitation


All names above were approved by the agm attendees according to the terms of the current constitution.


2.                  Setting a time limit on speakers and other restrictions

No specific time limit was set for any speaker on an individual item but would be terminated at the chairman’s discretion.

Any proposal from the floor of the meeting must be made in writing before a vote.


Voting procedures would be by a show of hands unless there was a call from the floor for a closed vote on any item.


3.                  Minutes Approval


According to the pervious decision the minutes of the 2012 AGM were detailed and approved by the two people appointed people to read and sign off prior to the following year’s AGM.

The appointed people Harald Rolfsnes (NOR) and Stellan Berlin (SWE) were the persons who signed off the minutes of the 2012 AGM and these were published on the ICA website.

The minutes were taken as approved.



4.                  Reports

Presidents Report, Treasurers Report,  Auditors Report and  Report of the Chairman of the Technical Committee were presented to the AGM.


Treasurers report, presented by Bo Hedensjö contained the financial position as at the fiscal year end and also contained a budget for the coming 2013/2014 fiscal year. The UK attendee asked that in future a formal balance sheet should form part of the Treasurers report in future years.


To the TC report, presented by Stellan Berlin, the secretary raised the issue of the number of meetings held by the TC during the 2012/2013 year and it was confirmed that there had been 2/3 meetings held. The secretary hoped that the TC would hold regular meetings during the forthcoming year.


The reports have been signed by the persons elected to sign these minutes and are attached to them.


EC proposals unanimously approved:

1.               The World Council takes the report from the President dated 2013-07-20 into


2.               The world Council takes the report from the Treasurer into account. 

3.               On basis of the report from Auditor dated January 31st 2013 the

World Council approves the statements for the fiscal year 2012.

4.               The world Council takes the report from the chairman of the Technical

Committee into account.


5.                  Amendments to the International 2.4mR Class Constitution

 A reformed constitution similar in wording to the agreement at the 2012 AGM but with reference to the 2.4 Norlin One Design Class worded according to ISAF requirements, were presented to the AGM in the shape of a new version of the Constitution.   The AGM looked into all of it in detail.  The final decided amended Constitution have been signed by the persons elected to sign these minutes and are attached to the


EC proposals for decisions:

  1. The World Council propose the ‘International 2.4mR Class Association Constitution’ as shown in attachment 7 and asks the ISAF for approval.

The motion was passed unanimously.

2.               When the amended Constitution is approved by ISAF, pursuant to

Constitution 4.3,  all NCAs are asked to review their constitutions and evaluate if they sufficiently correspond with the ICA Constitution.  In case of amendments the NCA constitutions are to be submitted to the 2014 ICA AGM before applications are sent to the National Authorities for approval.


6.                  2.4 Norlin One Design Class Regulation


The TC and EC propose the name of the one design class to be ‘2.4 Norlin One Design Class’. Separate regulations for management of the class must be adopted by the AGM. The regulations in attachment 8 are the same as adopted by the 2012 AGM and practiced by the EC since then, now separated from the ICA constitution and given a new edition that must be adopted by the AGM.


Proposal for Decision:

The World Council adopts the name ‘2.4 Norlin One Design Class’ and the new separate edition of ‘2.4 Norlin One Design Class Regulations’ as shown in attachment 8.


The motion was passed unanimously.


7.     Formal creation of the ‘2.4 Norlin One Design Class’


The International 2.4mR Class Association had now in place an agreement between Norlin Yacht Design and themselves dated by signature by the Norlin Yacht Design on 2013-09-03 and by the Class on 2013-07-04 which gives the one design rights and the possibility of licensing those rights at the behest of the ICA.


Proposals for decision:

The World Council approves the preliminary decisions by the EC by adopting:

  1. The ‘2.4 Norlin One Design Class’ is created as an ICA class, to be administered by the ICA according to the ‘2.4 Norlin One Design Class Regulations’
  2. The AGM adopts the ‘2.4 One Design Class Rule’, first version dated 2013-04-10 as published on the ICA web site to be the official class rule for the class.
  3. The AGM adopts the documents referred to in the 2.4 Norlin One Design Class Rule’ such as Construction Manual, Measurement Report Forms etc.,to be official documents for the class.


The three motions above were passed unanimously.


8.                  Presentations for future World Championships.


The 2012 AGM decided that the 2014 World Championships will take place in Toronto, Canada. The documents have been sent to ISAF in time.


The Dutch NCA have made an inquiry whether it would be possible to hold a premier event in the north of Holland during the summer of 2014, not to conflict with shipping schedule for Canada.  The AGM may look upon this as an informal proposal from the Dutch NCA and consider it in light of the 2014 schedule.


The Finnish NCA has for several months informed that a formal application for the 2015 World Championships to be organized by the Rauma Sailing Club, Finland, will be put forward to the 2013 AGM.  The applicant will be given the opportunity to present the application and the decision will be made.


The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania has expressed its interest to organize the 2016 World Championships and asked for permission to give a presentation to the AGM about venue, dates and the possibility to combine the WC with other championships.  The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania will be given the opportunity to give its presentation to the AGM.


There was unanimous acceptance of (1) the European Championships 2014 in Sneek, Netherlands, (2) the World Championships 2015 in Rauma, Finland (a formal application had been received). There was positive interest in the informal presentation for the World Championships 2016 in Hobart, Tasmania and a formal application was requested from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.



10.                Elections

Introduction:  Background is given in the attachment.  The Constitution 12.3.9 limits service to 8 years in the same office.   The nominated treasurer's period in office exceeds that limitation.  The AGM will have to decide if he is a valid candidate, and then the rest of the election will be executed according to the Constitution.


Proposal for decision:

Due to the advantage of continuity in the position of treasurer, Bo Hedensjö is accepted as a candidate, although his term in office exceeds the limit of eight years.


The motion was passed unanimously.


The following nominations for vacant posts were made:






Nominated by NCA

Election period acc. to Constitution 12.3


Bruce Millar



Odd years: 2 years

Vice President

Rikard Bjurström



Even years: 2 years

EC Director

Stellan Berlin



1 year

EC Director

Cor de Graaff



1 year

TC member

Harald Rolfsnes



2 years

TC member

Martin Whitting-ham Jones



2 years


Bo Hedensjö



1 year


Reidar Sårheim



1 year


Simon Hill



1 year




The reasons given were accepted and all proposed persons elected by a unanimous vote.




12.                Decisions for the next year’s work and commissions for the EC.



The 2012 AGM wished the EC to initiate work on these areas:
                 The One Design class:  Dealt with by TC, EC and AGM, nearly completed.

                 Marketing 2.4mR sailing:  2 applications for support granted.

                 Templates for Measurement forms and Certificates:  The TC works on it.

                 Expanding the classes by certifying available boats:  A work area for the NCAs,

                 supported by the ongoing EC work to update the World Wide Registry.


With reference to point 7 of these minutes the EC will continue to complete the implementation of the OD class into the ICA by entering into contracts with the Norlin Yacht Design and the builder(s) and improve the administrative procedures for both classes.  A number of improvements in the system of measurements, certification, registries and document storage has been identified and will be dealt with by the TC and the EC.  The contact with and the function of NCAs also need attention.


If the NCA representatives in the AGM feel that special issues ought to be highlighted by the AGM, they are welcomed to put forward proposals.


The meeting listened intently and there were no adverse comments to the above.



13.                Decisions for NCA annual dues and budget 2014


The Report from the Treasurer had been taken into account.


The Constitution requires that the AGM shall adopt the annual dues.  Dues have been 10 Euro since year 2000.  The EC now propose to rise the dues to 12 Euro.  This is supported by the treasurer.


Proposals for Decision:

1.  The World Council determine the NCA dues for the fiscal year 2014 to

     be 12 Euro per member.


Motion passed unanimously


2.  The World Council determine the budget for 2014 to be as shown in

     Treasurer´s Report.


Motion passed unanimously



14                 Adjournment

The President thanked the delegates for their attendance and closed the meeting at 19.00 hours.







Steve Bullmore

Secretary                                      17th November 2013


AGM unanimously appointed  Pekka Seitola and Pauli Immonen to be the persons who sign off the minutes of this AGM.






                 signed                                                                                                signed