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2015 World Championships is over... and the winner is: Stellan Berlin once more.

For a lot of us the 2015 World Championships hosted by Rauman Purjehdusseura in Finland is a memory that will stay in our minds for a long time. The beautiful  weather together with good racing on a tricky race course made the event one of the greatest in years. The organiser´s land crew was the best and most efficient that we had ever experienced, a big thank you to the land crew for all the fantastic help they handed out during the regatta.

As mentioned, Stellan Berlin from Sweden was the winner and runner up was Björnar Erikstad from Norway. In third place was Heiko Kröger from Germany.

The results in all is to be found here>>>>>

And a lot of good photos here>>>>>  (All the photos by Studio Kukka

Here under you can read the analyzing report from one of the fellow competitors about the Worlds 2015:

Stellan again!

The World Championships in Rauma, Finland has been sailed in beautiful weather and with great arrangements from the Rauma Yacht Club. 102 boats showed up on the starting line from 19 different countries. In Tampere, Finland in 1998 where the biggest event ever was held, there were 104 boats from 15 countries. 11 races was sailed according to schedule and there was no doubt about the winner. Stellan Berlin SWE sailed very steadily with no bigger mistakes. The same you could see also in the two other medalists sailing. Very secure and with very few mistakes. Björnar Erikstad NOR had a second throw out as good as 11th and Heiko Kröger GER a 14th, places that most of the sailors would like to achieve at least once. In 4th place was the first Finn, Jan Forsblom, who has not been attending many Worlds before but has always been one of the top sailors in the Worlds that he has attended. Once more the girls Helena Lucas and Megan Pascoe from GBR showed that they are pros and ready to beat any guy. In 7th place we had a rookie, Dee Smith, from USA that we can expect to be one of the top sailors in the future in 2.4 mR. Dee has a long history in sailing bigger boats in super high competitions and is ready to start developing 2.4 mR boats to an even higher level than they are today. Martin Pascoe GBR, usually called Megans father, and Fabian Björndahl FIN, usually called Tom Björndahls (World Champion in 1999) son, did a great job finishing 17th and 28th.

During a week of racing many things can happen and here a few of them:

102 boats had perfect berths in a small club without extra jetties (good)

Warm food was waiting for you when you come ashore as well as free beer (good)

Boats were touching the windward mark very often and no-one reacted (bad)

The Jury started to protest on mark touching and one resulted in a DNE (good)

One sailor was OCS, did not come back but got his finishing position (bad)

The recreation boats were very efficiently kept out of the racing area (good)

Esa Harjulahti won a new Charger 2.4 mR on the lottery (good for him)

In night time when the cafeteria was closed, it was self service (good)

A shallow area was on the race course but well marked and no problems (good)

Boats were exactly on the line even with black flags, thanks to almost all having GPS (good/bad)

On lay day Norwegians cooked a great fish soup for all (good)

GPS tracking made it possible to follow the race from ashore (good)

Everybody, organizers and sailors had a great time (good)

Thanks to the organizers, to the Rauma Yacht Club and to all sailors for a great week and hope to see you soon on the race course  again!

FIN -184